Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The granite

Since the templating was already done, I have decided to post the photos of the granite. The granite is from India and is appropriately called the Kerala Green, but is more commonly known as Tropical Green and Hawaiian Green. Sometimes it goes by Laura Verde and I think there is at least one more name!

What attracted me to this stone is the combination of green with the reddish specs which matched the cabinet stain perfectly. Originally we were interested in black with blue stones (like Volga Blue and Blue Pearl) but once the cabinet door was compared to the stone samples, the cool/warm contrast was not working. Since the green was always our second choice, Kerala Green was a perfect find! We think it coordinates nicely with the cabinets and the floor tile. Best of all, it turned out to be a much cheaper choice than our original selections.

We are getting a full granite backsplash as well (from the counter to the cabinets) that's why the new paint covers the walls partially and the orange is still visible in some places.

Our 3 slabs were selected and the deposit was given back in March. However, due to smaller market and a high demand for our fabricator, the wait from the templating to the fabrication at this time of the year is 5-6 weeks. There is only one place in the area that does it under 2 weeks, but they are also thousands more expansive. We can certainly wait :)

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