Monday, June 4, 2007

7th week

the tall filer finally arrived towards the end of the week and so did the molding and trim pieces (most of them anyway).

we had the templating scheduled for Friday, so the cabinets left of the freezer had to be taken apart for the tall filler to go in.

then they were all put back (except for the doors since the time was short before the granite people arrived). The doors are sitting against the couches in the living room :(

the filler above the fridge was installed - the fridge is truly a built in now.

the air vent was installed in the toe-kick of the base cabinet right of the fridge (originally, the vent used to be located on an empty wall).

the panels were installed on the exposed ends of the wall cabinets flanking the range vent.

the trim kit for the recessed can above the sink was installed as well.

the last corner cabinet is still in transit but the cracked one was installed for the templating.

unfortunately, with the templating guys needing the sink disconnected, we lost running water again. Hopefully we will get it back soon.

some photos to be posted soon.

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