Sunday, June 3, 2007

5th week photo update (before the hiatus)

As mentioned in the previous post, a lot of work happened but a design flaw was discovered which put everything on hold. Here're the photos of progress.

This is the view of the "window side:

peninsula view from the dining room doorway, with the double trash cabinet opened. Note that the sink is across the trash cabinet.

This is the view of the fridge wall (from the sink wall) with the microwave not installed yet - it was taken out right away once we realized that the freezer door won't open all the way. The filler above the fridge is not going be installed till the tall filler between the freezer side and the microwave gets delivered and is installed.
This is the inside view of the wall cabinet left of the microwave cabinet. The phone will be kept inside the cabinet to minimize the clutter on the counter, as well as to keep all the outlets and wires on the walls to a minimum. The cell phone charging station is going to be there too. The full view of the cabinet is the next one (the one that is closest to the wall).
And this is the trio of cabinets to the left of the microwave cabinet - which all will be taken down for the tall filler between the freezer and the microwave cabinet to be installed. We have just enough space on the wall to install the 1.5" filler and to move the cabinets towards the door opening (the doorway on the left is to the front hallway). The photo was taken from the center hallway.

Finally, this is the view from the center hallway to the other side of the peninsula (where we will have an overhang for a stool) and the 12" deep side of the kitchen (the fridge side is the 24" deep wall). Note that the wall corner cabinet just before the dining room doorway is not installed yet since it had a crack and we are waiting for a replacement :(

So more or less at this point the work was stalled and we were waiting for the filler to arrive.

another update coming soon!

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