Sunday, May 13, 2007

4th week shocker

Well, I wouldn't even call it a full shocker, but keeping with the tradition of earlier weeks, I am documenting all the excitement of our remodeling.

First, I got a call from KD that the side panels for the cabinets that flank the vent were ordered in the wrong thickness, and whatever we are getting on Friday is not usable (but the filler/valance above the vent and the grape embellishment is very much usable though). The replacement will be shipped out on Monday. Ok, we can deal with that - no big deal!

Second, as I am gearing to leave work for the airport, I get a call from Bryan, the contractor, informing me that 2 of the very much needed fillers (connecting the 24" deep wall with a 12" deep wall) were missing. Apparently, 2 different ones were included with the order instead. We had no other choice but to cut out the fillers from the large filler/valance piece that goes above the fridge (and Bryan had to kill some time to cut the pieces out). The fridge valance replacement will come in with the correct thickness panels sometime next week. Obviously, the large wood piece is a lot more expensive than the 2 small filler pieces and I am sure the cabinet making people were not very pleased with that, but tough - they should've filled the order correctly! The fridge valance can be installed anytime.

We also have a few doors that need to be replaced due to some scratches and too much knots on one of them, but I am told this happens with everybody.

Considering that the guys were working a full day for the entire week and a lot of opportunities were there for bad news, the "surprises" are indeed very minor and fixable.

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