Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2nd week shocker

The range and the vent (as well as the disposal) were supposed to be delivered on Friday and of course, I was hoping to see my "baby" in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the range and the vent were being brought in from outside of the area and the crew never bothered to check the weight of the cargo. As a result they were not in a position to bring it inside the house, so when we got home the appliances were sitting in a garage. Bummer. Regular crew was scheduled to arrive the following Wednesday to bring the range in (all 750 lbs of it!).

Other minor annoyance (a very minor one) - the range required a 4-prong electrical outlet, and the old range used 3. Apparently the old wire would not support the more powerful electrical requirements and new wire had to be installed (translation - some extra $$).

Follow-up on the cabinet replacement - they are supposed to get here on May 11th.

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