Friday, May 4, 2007

3rd week update

Monday and Tuesday were rough on Bryan and his crew because of the vent hood. The soffit was too narrow for the hood to go straight in (the exhaust pipe make a 90 degree angle to the outside wall) and he tried a number of different attachments to make it work. Short of re-building the soffit, the only other way was to get the vent installed 6" below the soffit. This means that a 48" long (the length of the vent hood) filler would have to be installed. Height-wise it's not a problem - there is still plenty of space under the hood. But nearly two days got wasted.

The hood got installed in Tuesday night and on Wednesday the range was finally brought into the house. When we got home the stainless steel beauty was so beautiful that I did not even see the new cabinets next to it.

Also, the hallway, the soffits and a bit of space that won't be covered by either the cabinets or the granite were painted in Benjamin Moore's Tyler Taupe color. It came out a lot better than I thought it would, with more green tint in it. Paint choice was the most difficult decision we had to make.

Guys worked late on Tuesday and Wednesday and went off to the other projects for the remainder of the week. Bryan came in to do more electrical work in the basement (in preparation for the 2 walls that haven't been worked on yet) and to do a 2nd coat of paint.

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