Sunday, May 13, 2007

4th week progress

This is supposed to be the most "productive" week in terms of cabinetry installation, and what do I do? I go out of town. But thanks to Brian and Jean, I was still getting the updates.

Most of the cabints on the 2 new walls got installed this week, including the peninsula and the pendant lights above it. The fridge got framed on one side (but no picture is yet available) and the water line got connected.

The two replacement cabinets arrived and were installed right next to the fridge.

Remaining cabinets include the tall oven cabinet, the corner wall cabinet above the peninsula and the corner base and wall next to the oven cabinet.

Remaining "punch list" items include the molding, the panels, decorative embellishments and the filler/valance pieces above the vent and the fridge.

The hope is that the granite will be templated by the end of next week.

For some strange reason I am having difficulties uploading the photos, but they will be added soon (I promise!).

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