Sunday, October 7, 2007

Photos of the finished kitchen

Pretend that you enter kitchen here. This is the entrance from the hallway leading to the family room. Light yellow on the left is the front door entrance hallway. First set of cabinets on the left is the "wrap-around" set-up flanking the oven cabinet. Phone and cell phone charger reside in the upper left cabinet. Wall housing the Advantium oven and the fridge is 24" deep and the facing wall is 12" deep. Both walls have 42" upper cabinets. Moving in the clockwise direction, the 12" wall, as well as the peninsula are seen. Doorway to the right is the dining room. This is the back of the peninsula. For all exposed ends we ordered paneling that mimics "authentic" doors. The 12" side mainly houses pantry items, cookbooks, wine glasses and coffee stuff.
Continuing to move in the clockwise direction, the sink wall comes into view. Original kitchen had only this side of the wall, as well as the range wall covered in cabinets. We moved the DW to the right of the sink. Casual china is stored in the wall cabinet to the left. The bank of drawers houses cutlery, baking dishes and the bowls. The sink is 36", Ticor S405-DR from Galaxy Tools. The large bowl (about 21") is 9" deep and houses the garbage disposal. The smaller sink (about 13") is 7" deep. The disposal is operated by an air switch. The faucet and the detergent dispenser is Brizo Floriano. The window molding was stained to match the cabinets. The sink is one of my most favorite features in the new kitchen. So deep, and can hide so many dirty dishes :)Further moving to the right, is the other side of the sink wall. Everyday dishes are stored in the wall cabinet above the DW, and glasses are stored above the skinny tray cabinet. Since we kept the soffits (they did not bother us in any way), the upper cabinets on the sink and the adjacent range side are 30" tall.

To the right of the sink wall is the range wall. The range is my pride and joy! Corner cabinets connecting the range and the sink wall are the Super Susan on the bottom (pots and pans storage) and the regular corner upper (storage for mugs and seldom used platters). The spices cabinet is to the left of the hood. To the right of the hood is the cabinet for loose tea, rice, pasta, etc. The stack of drawers keeps my cooking spatulas, etc.; packaged tea, and potatoes/garlic/onions.

Turning around and looking back at the fridge/pantry triangle, front of the peninsula is seen. One of the peninsula cabinets houses the pull-out garbage/recycling waste basket center. The garbage basket is right behind the sink. The drawers hold more bowls and storage containers, place mats, linens, aprons, foil/sandwich bags, etc. The junk drawer is there as well. The upper corner cabinet holds everyday tea, coffee and the sugar bowl, right above the tea kettle. Outlet covers were stained to match the cabinets.

Corner of 24" deep wall meeting the 12" deep wall. Beverages are stored in the cabinets adjacent to the fridge. We have 2 refillable three-gallon water containers (town water is awful for tea and coffee, even with the water softener and filters), and these 2 cabinets were designed specifically with the storage of these 2 containers in mind!

The fridge. The peninsula serves as the landing space.
The fridge and the advantium oven (microwave, speedcook and the convection). The drawer under the oven houses all the advantium related literature and extra racks. Under the drawer is the set of 2 pull out shelves which are home to blender, toaster, food processor and the panini maker. Above the advantium is the storage for rarely used large pots and and pans, as well as my collection of spring-form pans.

Well, this is it! Only the custom crock with "Yana's kitchen" insignia remains to be finished. The crock is being glazed next week but I couldn't wait too much longer to post the final look of the much beloved kitchen!


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