Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Photos from 9th week and some news from the 10th week

First, the news: a big shipment of what initially appeared to be the replacement molding and the doors appeared at the door step early in the week. However, it turned out that only a SINGLE door was shipped, along with the molding, the shelf (which was sent 3 times as wide as requested, but can be easily cut to the right size) and yet another set of panels for the cabinet sides (as of now, we received 8 of them, needed only 2). I assumed the shipment was split, and waited a day to call KD. Well, just when you see Decora screw up bad, they do it again - and this is taking place when they are trying to fix the initial screw up! Looks like they lost the request for the other 4 doors and I am hoping to get a confirmation of delivery from Dan in the next few days. I suspect it will be another two weeks. Argh.....

Some progress pics:

This is the vent through the toe-kick (this base cabinet is right next to the fridge). Please ignore the dirty floor!
This is a close-up of the wall cabinet left of the window showing off the "crown" molding. The window frame is yet to be stained to match the cabinet.

A bit more of the molding:
Here's the embellishment/aka grape onlay on the false draw front of the sink base cabinet. Ignore the old countertop, sink and the faucet!

And finally, the matching grape onlay above the fridge. We needed this filler since the fridge is 84" tall and the ceilings are just shy of 96". Since the photo was taken, the plastic film was taken off. The photo is s bit dark, sorry. BTW, the door on the left of the fridge is being replaced, so it's off.

I am hoping to make another update early next week, as Bryan is hoping to stop by and install the shelves and door handles. Then, I am off to Russia and I am not sure if Brian will be taking over my duties. Let's hope that by the time I get back, the counter tops and the backsplash are installed!!!

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Charles said...

May I ask how much your beautiful kitchen cost?