Monday, April 30, 2007

First week of remodeling

Kitchen all cleared out and ready for demolition!

The "first" week was really more like a half week. The cabinets arrived 1 week ahead of schedule, and our contractor Bryan, managed to squeeze in some hours.

Most of the work actually was taking place in the basement and "between the walls'. The existing electrical sub-panel was full, so another one was installed. Almost all of the electrical outlets would end up being moved or replaced for the up-to code (those by the sink). Furthermore, since we are getting a full height 3 cm granite backsplash, the outlet boxes were brought out to be flush with the backsplash.

Most profound change by the end of the week was the lighting. Ugly fluorescent fixture and the brown "chandelier" were replaced with 4 recessed light cans. The difference was like a night and a day. So much light!!! The hallway light fixture was also replaced by the recessed can.

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